What You Need To Know Before Getting A Dog

by on February 11, 2016

It is a pity that we are presently the instigators of the world’s sixth mass extinction where we are seeing the steady decline of precious species right before our eyes. Crucial to our ecosystem and the delicate food chain, many are simply being wiped off the map as a result of man’s cruel actions and intentions. Animals add a certain flair and colour to our world, and one without them is unimaginable. Though there are both wild and domesticated creatures, we all know that there is only one man’s best friend… the dog. An animal that has won the hearts of humans for centuries, is still very much a part of our households. Here are tips to consider before getting one!

All animals need some time allocated to them, however dogs are particularly in need of this. Take for example a cat and a dog, each of whom are left behind every morning as their owner goes to work. The cat is hardly likely to do more than simply raise its head and be unfazed by their absence unlike a dog. Dogs become extremely attached to their owners and families and go through depression if they are separated which many veterinary clinics have confirmed according to studies. Ensure you have time to spend at home with your canine friend, as it will be very lonely if not.

Dogs come in a variety of breeds, shapes, sizes and colours, and it is very important you consider the dog’s size. It hardly makes sense to get a hold of a Rottweiler in a studio apartment or even a German shepherd. Big dogs need a lot of room and holding them in can make them aggressive and restless. If you getting a dog, consider your space… do you have enough for them to run about when needed? If you have a garden that would be ideal, however if you are limited on space, best you pick another type.

Quite frankly, a dog is as much work as a baby can be in many ways. They take up time, energy and of course money as you need to care for them just like a family member. You cannot cast them aside as being a ‘dog’ and not give it the same privileges you have such as a hearty meal, medication and comfortable shelter. All of this costs money, and initial vaccinations at vets in Gold Coast also cost a fair bit. Ensure you are earning a solid pay before you commit.

This is one of the most important things when getting a dog, especially if it is a puppy. Training them is crucial if you do not want your furniture and clothes chewed up or waste strewn everywhere when you get back home from work. Some can train their dogs themselves, whilst other prefer to hire professional help, although the choice is entirely yours in this regard. Speak to a few other dog owners on their recommendations. To know more about vet clinics Brisbane, visit http://www.animalemergencyservice.com.au/