Helpful Tips For When Travelling With Pets

by on November 17, 2015

Travelling is a cumbersome affair for all of us but however, travelling for humans has been vastly improved. Travelling for pets, that’s a different story. Your poor pet might not be able to even to understand why they is being packed up but they have no choice. It is a very confusing time for them, so here are some tips that you can use to make travelling for your pooch much easier. Firstly, if they will be travelling by cage, then don’t treat it as a bad thing. Don’t force them into it, instead let them get used to it and let them enter it by themselves. Once they enter the cage, close it up but don’t let the situation seem negative. Leave the room for a while and then come back letting them know that it is safe. You can make the cage more accommodating by placing his favorite soft toys in it and a blanket. You can even get them specialized gift pack for dogs with treats and soft toys. The more it feels safe and normal the more comfortable he’ll feel.

Next before you start your journey, make sure that your pet has plenty of exercise because he’ll be cooped up in the same place for long periods. This will hopefully tire him out so he’ll be less restless during the trip and will sleep it off. Also to avoid any accidents on the way, feed him a few hours early so he has time to digest. However for the trip take plenty of treats, water and ice in containers, maybe get one of those monthly dog boxes, which can be ordered to your specification.

Next if when you arrive at your destination, whether it be a hotel or house, when letting them out of their travel cage, do it in an enclosed room. Once they get their bearings, then take them for a walk so that they can get used to their surroundings. Some people take sedatives when travelling so that they don’t have to deal with the actual travelling factor and they think that this is suitable for pets as well. The thing is that it may have adverse effects and may end up making them uneasy and restless when they actually arrive at the destination, so if you want to sedate them, it’s best to ask a vet. Travelling for your pets are a very confusing time, so it’ll help them if you make some special accommodations for them. It may not seem like much but it will help them get used to the whole process.