Wanting to have a good and clean house without any interference from annoying pests is something everyone asks. Pests can be annoying such that in the night they might mess up the kitchen and make holes in your cupboards and doors. It can become an ugly sight if you don’t handle it properly. When you have important visitors to your house, you will not like a rat to run across the floor. The environment in your house or certain places in your house are the reasons for their existence. You can destroy that environment and you will be rodent free. Here are a few rodents and where they might be and how to chase them out.

Rats and mice – They can be found around the world in side almost all homes because they live around people and garbage. They make their nests in basements, attics and the ceiling roof. The best way to chase them out is to plug up most the holes in the house made by the rats. Clear and clean spaces of boxes or places where there is a likely hood of mice setting up burrows. You can set mouse traps or get yourself a pet who catches them – I hope don’t have to mention what pet is that.

Birds – Birds too can be an annoying pest when enter your house and make nests in your roof. You don’t want to always hear birds like pigeons always waking you up at night scratching the roof and making noise. You can find them on the high roof and ledges in your house. One way get them to not visit your house is by having not having nesting places in your house or you could use bird exclusion netting in your home to keep them away.

Having bird traps will also help as long as you don’t hurt the bird and let it go.

Bed bugs – These bed bugs can be found around the world you can find them all over the house as it is capable of hiding almost anywhere. Its most famous place of hiding is the bed. They hide in the mattresses, bed frames and everywhere small space you can think of in the bed. They even tend to hide in clothing that you leave in your cupboard without dusting for months. Getting them out is really hard. You will have to wash all your clothes with warm water. Vacuum and brush the mattress. Also when you are throwing the vacuum dirt make sure throw it properly and fast or else the bed bugs are very hard to catch and might slip out of the bad.

These are some of them main pests that infest our houses on a given daily basis. Good luck finding and chasing them away.