Manage Your Dog And Keep It Healthy

by on January 19, 2016

There are various ways to keep your dog healthy. Every owner wants to take good care of their dogs. But there are many dogs which are not good in behavior.
They may get a health issue, so you should consult with your veterinarian before you take any action at home to your pets health, it will be safe. Also, if needed, you can take it for canine massages.
Sometimes your dog needs to be pampered and needs something that will make it stronger and refreshed. And canine massage therapy services can help you in keeping your dog refreshed and in good mood.
Here are some remedies that can help and you can save both your time and money.
Every animal needs sufficient water to live properly; it is also for good health. Many dogs suffer from dehydration and this can weaken your dog. If you carefully notice then you can see there are symptoms of dehydration, such as panting, dry mouth, loose skins etc. drinking sufficient amount of water will keep your dog healthy and fit.
Most dogs chew furniture if they are getting bored or do not have anything to do. There are many items in the market you can buy and stick to the furniture; they will not go near the furniture for its bad smell.
If your dog is get attacked by the fleas, then you can use dishwashing liquid to give a bath to your dog. This solution will kill the fleas on their body because dish washing chemicals are toxic, but make sure that you do not use this liquid much, just take a few drops in your dog’s bathtub or sink.
If your dog spends a lot of time in the outdoors, then you must use sunscreen to protect their delicate areas such as nose, ears etc and arthritis therapy for dogs in Melbourne. and keep notice that it will not lick that area where the sunscreen are applied.
Dogs are naturally do not like plastic, if your pet has made the area messy with its foods, then just simply cover the area with a plastic bag, they will automatically stay away from it.
When you are bathing your dog keep notice that it can be very painful for your dog if water get enter to their ears. You can use a cotton ball wet with some kind of eatable oil to their ears to prevent entering water during bath.

To make a shampoo for your pets take some aspirin, and dogs shampoo or some kind of baby shampoo and make a paste in the bathtub with lukewarm water and then apply it to your dog and after few minutes wash the shampoo properly. It will remove the dead cells of your pet.

Tips For New Puppy Owners

by on January 13, 2016

Are you planning to adopt a puppy or already have a new one? Then surely you will need to know some important things for being a new puppy owner. After bring the new member to your home, the very next day you may blame yourself for doing that. Because adopting a puppy is very easy but to take care of him is not that easy. And also you will have to make some little changes in to your life for this member. Don’t worry here are some easy solutions to solve all of your problems.

1. Make the home friendly for him. Your little puppy is coming to his new home. She is just like baby. So you have to make the home comfortable for her. Make place for her to play, to move, to eat, to sleep etc. also you can install small baby doors for him to use.

2. A plastic or wooden crate will help you to train the dog. Also, you can plan to take your puppy to a puppy obedience training session.

3. Train your puppy from the very beginning. Train him from the first day. Though she is very small but at least you can tell her about her room, introduce her with all the family members. And a session of puppy obedience training will prove helpful. Visit this link for more information about puppy obedience training in Brisbane.

4. Consult to the vet as soon as possible. The puppy needs many vaccinations. The vet will give you the whole schedule of vaccinations for the puppy. Also keep checking the baby carefully. Her ears, nose, nails etc. if anything looks unnatural go to the vet immediately.

5. Microchipping your puppy is very important. You don’t want to lose your dear puppy in any way. So you most do this. And also make ID card with your address and phone number. This will help to reunited to both of you.

6. Don’t let him sleep alone for the first few nights. All these things are very new to the little baby. Letting her sleeping alone may cause anxiety issues in her. So for the first few days take her in to your bedroom. You can use her crate to sleep her in it.

7. Pick a potty spot for her and make a regular time to let her to go there after every meal. Later when she will be used to it she will go there by herself.

8. Make your home puppy proof. As in pick all those things you don’t want to destroy by her. It’s a normal habit to chew things for the puppies.

So, the above are some important tips you will need as a new puppy owner.